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Finding your “why” is essential to being successful in business as a life coach. In this episode, I’m sharing my why to help you find (and own) yours!

What You’ll


  • How to recognize & overcome the voice of self doubt
  • How to tap into your own personal “why” so that you can connect more deeply to your cause and share your message in a way that attracts your dream clients
  • Why owning your why (or your purpose) is the secret to success and wealth in business

Note: This is an episode out of the 2017 Profit Party Podcast archives. There may be links mentioned that are no longer valid. But the content is still amazing, and we love it, so we are just rolling with it. 😉

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Mindset Workbook for Badass Confidence as a Coach

There is no room for self-doubt when it comes to coaching. When you feel start to notice the negative self-talk start up, you’ve got to have the tools in place to kick it to the curb—fast! 

You’ve got people to help and a business to build. And you need to your vibe to be a level 10 to make it happen. This workbook will get you there! 

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