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Manifesting rituals are so important in the morning because sleep resets us. We wake up with a choice. We can choose to elevate our vibe and manifest on purpose or we can just go with the flow and manifest by accident.

Call me a control freak or whatever, but I’m not about to roll the dice with my life. I know that creating a life you love (filled with success, a business I’m passionate about, clients I adore and enough money to travel, shop and spoil my kids) means that you have to get intentional about what you want and maintain a high vibe in order to manifest it.

There is a lot of confusion out there about manifesting. So let me clear that all up now in one sentence:

Manifesting is about two things: Intention and Vibration. You must first know what you want. And then you must keep your vibe high enough to attract it.

It’s that simple! My favorite way to accomplish both is by starting my day with focused and high vibe intention and I’m sharing my exact morning manifesting ritual with you here, in this episode. Press play to listen in.

What You’ll


  • My exact morning manifesting ritual
  • How I set my daily intentions
  • My favorite tools for raising my vibe
  • What I do to stay in the manifestation zone all day long

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