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When it comes to business decisions, how do you know if the doubt is coming from a place of fear or misalignment?


Fear is just you telling yourself that you aren’t enough (it’s a lie). Misalignment, on the other hand, is your intuition screaming, “You deserve more than this! You can do better! Run the other way. . . Hurry!!!!”


So today, we’re getting into some practical woo as I share with you a little trick I learned on how to use your sacral response to make powerfully intuitive business decisions that will always lead you on the right path!


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The Path of Alignment (and the avoidance of fear)


An aligned decision is one that either brings feelings of joy, ease, and flow. Or it is what happens when you’re working in your zone of genius on things that are purposeful, challenging (in a good way), and meaningful to you.


When you are in alignment, you have an endless stream of energy because the work you’re doing fuels you. When you are out of alignment, you’ll know because you feel tired and drained and the work you do seems to suck the life right out of you.


Your higher self knows the difference and is sending you messages through your sacral chakra (your gut instinct) to warn you from committing to projects and clients who are potential energy drainers. All you have to do is pay attention!


Good Fear vs. Bad Fear


There are two kinds of fear—the healthy kind and the unhealthy kind.


Healthy fear is the kind that comes when you are making aligned decisions. Sure, there’s anxiety and nerves, but those are also coupled with feelings of excitement and adventure. And, deep down, at an intuitive level, you know that this is what you need to do in order to grow and you believe in yourself and your abilities to learn from whatever mistakes you might make, pick yourself up when you fall, and keep going until you are successful!


Unhealthy fear, on the other hand, is really just that voice in your head telling reminding you about all the things that could happen—you could fail, you could be rejected, you could look stupid in front of everyone, etc. This could mean a lot of work, sacrifice, unhappiness. Maybe you’ve done this before and it didn’t turn out well and that voice is trying to prevent you from making the same mistake again. Or, maybe this going to require skillsets that you haven’t fully developed yet, or maybe, if you took this opportunity on, you’d be settling for less than you deserve or missing out on an even better opportunity.


It’s not always easy to tell the difference between an intuitive warning or a b.s. fear-fueled story we’re telling ourselves because we’re stressing over the “what if’s”.


This is why I want you to do is take a step back and try to separate the voice in your head from the voice of your intuition.


First, let’s get logical. . .


Why are you telling yourself that story? What happened in the past? And is that likely to happen again? Or did you learn some lessons from those past experiences that you can now apply, going forward that will help you to prevent the scary thing from happening again? Hopefully, you did. That’s how we grow, you would not know how to walk or talk or write or ride a bike, or do anything for that matter. If you weren’t willing to fall and get up and try again, you’ve been doing this since birth, you’re good at it. So I want you to take that same perseverance and look at how you can apply it to this situation. 

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Listening to Your Gut (aka Tuning into your Sacral Response)


Then, you can ask yourself. . . “Is this fear that is making this decision? Or is it intuition?”


Now, an easy and fun way to get into this practice of listening to your intuition is to tune into your sacral chakra. Your sacral chakra is the energy center located just below your belly button and, when you pay attention, you’ll notice that it talks to you all the time! Not in words, but in the form of instinctual “yes” or “no” responses. This is what we call our gut instinct.



Here’s how to start listening. . .


Have somebody ask you a series of easy yes or no questions. Questions like:


  • Do you like orange juice?
  • Do you like the ocean?
  • Do you like spiders?
  • Do you love me?
  • Would you jump out of an airplane?
  • Would you eat monkey brains for $10?

Answer these questions based on your gut instinct, yes or no really quickly without thinking about them at all. And as you do, pay attention to what you feel in your sacral energy. You’ll notice the energy there will feel different for a “yes” response than it does for a “no” response. You might feel light, open, fast-moving energy for a yes, and a heavy, tightening, sick feeling energy for no, as an example. Everyone is different so it’s important to tune into your own sacrals way of communicating with you.


This exercise will help you tune into what an intuitive response feels like. It’s not something that requires your logical rational thought. It is something that you know, deep, deep, deep inside you. There’s no arguing it’s either a yes or a no. And when it is that definitive, you know that you’re answering based on intuitive alignment.


If this is an unfamiliar practice to you, or if you’re not used to listening to your gut, then it may take a couple of tries. Don’t give up after the first one, keep doing it. Everybody has this ability, you just have to develop it in order to use it, that’s all. And in time, the more comfortable you with this practice, the easier this is going to be to make confident business decisions that you know are exactly right for you!


Using the Sacral Response to make Real-Life Business Decisions


I want to offer up an example of how you might use this technique in your business, just to make this even more relevant for you.


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you are offered work but something inside of you it unsure of whether to say “yes” even though you’re not sure why, this is a great time to tune into your sacral response!


On the one hand, you’re thinking, “It’s money and I don’t want to say no.” But on the other hand, there’s some fear and apprehension around it. Perhaps it’s beyond your current skill level or you’re worried about the challenge—Is it a challenge that is going to push you so far to that you may not be able to deliver the kind of value you want? Or is it the kind of challenge that’s going to push you to grow and you’re going to learn and develop your skill sets on the way and everybody wins?


Or, maybe you’ve done this kind of work before and you know it’s a lot of work or maybe it just doesn’t bring you joy. Or maybe you’re not charging enough and there is a little nagging feeling inside of you trying to get you to own your value and charge more for your services (and the idea of doing this work at your current rates is making you feel apprehensive).


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Or maybe it’s the other way around. . . and you’re afraid that once you deliver the proposal, they’re going to be in sticker shock over the price, and tell you no. And so you’re having this argument in your head going, should I charge what I know this project is worth and risk losing the job? Or should I bid low (knowing I’ll get the work) but also end up feeling undervalued and resentful?


When we ask ourselves these questions, what typically happens is we confuse ourselves so much that we end up seeking advice from family and friends (who don’t know our business very well). I mean, how are they supposed to know how much you should charge? They could give you their opinion based on what they might be willing to invest in your services, but then again, they probably aren’t your ideal clients and they don’t fully understand your business. So rather than get half-baked advice from a well-meaning loved one, do yourself a favor and consult with your sacral chakra first!


Ask yourself some questions about why you may want to take this job or avoid it. And use the yes or no sacral response to help you sort through the confusion and get the answers you need.


When you do this, I promise the clarity will always be there and you’ll always be lead to the right path!


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