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Imposter syndrome is that nagging worry that you’re going to let your clients down. That you’re not as good as you claim to be and that you don’t deserve to be here—teaching on a topic, helping people with their problems—because you haven’t got it all figured out yet.

Nobody has it all figured out! We’re all learning as we go. But what I know for sure is that YOU have a lot to offer—skills, lessons from past experiences, a desire to help people that’s bigger than yourself—and there are lots of people out there who need your coaching services.

So if you find yourself asking:

“Am I good enough to be a life coach?”
“Who am I to be coaching someone?”
“Am I even qualified enough to do this?”
“What if they don’t get the results they hoped for?

 The world needs you!

Don’t let doubt stop you from living your purpose. What you do is way too valuable to not be shared!

I want you to know this:

It’s totally normal to ask this of yourself at various times in your business journey. Expect this negative belief to creep in especially when you’re new to coaching, when you’re pivoting or changing directions in your coaching business and every time you up level. Trust me. Old thinking habits die hard!

But, with a few tips you can kick all those doubts to the curb, get your badassery back and make the impact that you know in your soul you are here to make.


5 Confidence Boosting Tips to Prove to Yourself You’re a Badass Coach (and you’re more than qualified to help the people you serve).


Whenever you’re starting to doubt yourself, remember. . .


You’ve been training for this your whole life.


The reason you chose this field is because you wanted to help people overcome the challenges that you’ve already conquered. And the better you know your ideal clients, the more confident you will be in your ability to help them! Remember to give yourself credit for the knowledge and skills you’ve gained from your life experiences as well as the ones you’re gaining from your work experiences. They both count and together, that’s what makes you a badass coach!


This is your soul’s purpose.

You have a passion for helping others and you love it so much that you’d do it for free (if you didn’t actually need money to pay the bills). You have a fire in your belly (that feels something like gravity) calling you to do this work. It’s your purpose, your destiny. And God, the Universe, Spirit (or whatever you believe in) never gets it wrong. You were meant for this work! Stay connected to your “why” and remember that anything that’s worth doing can be painful sometimes. If it were easy, everyone would do it. But you’re not everyone. . .you’re a resilient badass who refuses to give up because you know you’ve got work to do and lives to change. And you will not stop until you’re successful!


If you’re ever unsure, ask!


It’s important to me that my clients are getting value from our work together. I could try to “guess” at what they’re feeling, but I’d rather be 100% sure, so I’ll occasionally do what I call a temperature check. I’ll ask, “How do you feel things are going so far?” or “How are you feeling about the pace of the progress we’re making together?” They might say it’s awesome and they’re totally happy, or they might respond that they feel a little off track, which provides an excellent opportunity to discuss priorities and plan to get back on track. They’ll appreciate you for taking the initiative and you’ll both feel more comfortable being open about progress going forward. Asking for feedback can be hard, especially when we’re afraid of the answer. But it’s the most powerful thing you can do for your client relationships (and your confidence).


It’s not your job to get results, it’s your job to coach.


The line that separates responsibility and accountability can get blurry sometimes and when it does, we can overstep and take on too much of the responsibility, leaving us feeling like we failed if our clients don’t see results fast enough. Just like a personal trainer can’t do the sit ups for the clients, you can’t do the work for yours.


Focus on the Wins!


When you’re feeling doubtful or uncertain it’s easy to focus on all the things that aren’t working. But that only makes you feel worse. Instead, intentionally shift your focus on everything that is going awesome in your business and client relationships. Keep a list of wins (or folder on your desktop or wall in your office). And every time help a client achieve a breakthrough or whenever someone compliments you, add it to your wins list. That way, anytime you start to forget how much you’re appreciated and how valuable you really are, you can spend a few minutes reflecting on all the ways you’ve been impactful to your clients and boost your confidence back up fast!

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I have something to support you.

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Mindset Workbook for Badass Confidence as a Coach

There is no room for self-doubt when it comes to coaching. When you feel start to notice the negative self-talk start up, you’ve got to have the tools in place to kick it to the curb—fast! 

You’ve got people to help and a business to build. And you need to your vibe to be a level 10 to make it happen. This workbook will get you there! 

Mindset is such a BIG part of rocking your success as a coach. I wish I could tell you that once you spend a little bit of time working on your mindset, you’ll be set for life. But that’s not true. It’s like a muscle and you have to keep it strong! I created a workbook for you (above) that’s got a couple of journal prompts and positive affirmations—that you can use over and over again, anytime you feel yourself slipping into a funk—to get yourself out of self-doubt land and back to feeling like the badass coach that you are!

Remember. . . your work in this world is needed. Don’t let doubt stop you from living your purpose. What you do is way too valuable to not be shared with the world! xo

Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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