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Let’s talk about what you need to think about when building your personal brand in order to stand out and get noticed by those ideal clients that you want to attract and work with.

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “branding” you probably think about logos and color palettes. And while that is one aspect of branding, we’re going to go a lot deeper, because your personal brand is more than your logo and your color palettes. It’s an extension of you, it’s your personality, it’s who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different than all the other people out there doing the exact same thing that you do. And the more clarity you have around that, the more confident you’re going to be putting that information out there and standing in that power so that you can attract the clients you align with.

Warning: Getting to a place of clarity & confidence with your messaging and branding does take a little bit of inner work. You have to be willing to stand in your power, own your brilliance and be willing to stand out and be different than everyone else.

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Your Brand Vision

This is the work that far too many entrepreneurs skip. They think they can just wing it—get on social media, share their message end hope that the perfect clients will come. But what happens is that they end up either confusing people with mixed messages or totally blending in and becoming lost in the noise, while their dream clients like, follow and hire the people in the industry who did take the time to do this work.

If you want to attract your dream clients by building a relationship with them (and building trust that leads to sales) you have to ask yourself hard questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I stand for?

Doing the work to create a magnetic personal brand requires you to be willing to be vulnerable a little bit and to put your truth out there. But I promise that if you do this work, and you’re willing to get clarity around who you are and what you do, and what makes you different, you will see massive success in your business.

It really comes down to the following five elements: Vision, Values, Vibe, Voice & Visuals. These are what I call the 5 V’s of Branding.


Your Brand Values

Now that you’re clear on what your brand vision is, let’s talk about your values. What is most important to you when it comes to your core beliefs? When I work with my clients, we go through a values exercise, where we get really clear on what are the most important values for your personal brand in your business. Typically, when we do this, they start with a list of values that are important to them—like trust, honesty, integrity, and loyalty but as we dive into the exercise a little more, we always find that there are a few that are more important than the others and have led you to where you are in life.

For example, my number one value is free will. This is something that I believe in right down to my core essence and if it came down to it, I’d fight and die for this belief. For me, this means the freedom to do as I choose—where I live, who I marry, what work I do, the friends I hang out with the clients I serve, my faith, etc.

And I really do believe that it is your inherent birthright, to be able to build a life of your own choosing, free of the influence of others. A life that is in alignment with what you believe in and that brings you joy and abundance in every way. That’s the meaning of free will to me and it’s the reason I do what I do. And this belief, you’ll notice, is the foundation of my personal brand. It’s everything I stand for and impacts every business decision I make.

I challenge you to do some thinking to discover what you value most. Make a list of character traits and beliefs that are most important to you and then do a process of elimination to find the one that is so strong in you that you would fight and die for it. Then ask yourself how is this ingrained into my personal brand? How am I developing my business and crafting My message to include and showcase the connection that I feel to this value? Consider ways to incorporate this belief into your messaging, the conversations you have with clients, and the content you create.


Your Brand Vibe

The third element of your branding is the vibe that you want to create. What kind of experience do you want your clients to have when they interact with your brand—whether they’re interacting with you personally, reading something on your website, or scrolling your social media? Do you want them to feel nurtured, loved, supported, and cherished? Do you want them to feel motivated and driven? Do you want them to feel like they’re chillin’ with a friend in a casual and laid-back kind of way? Or perhaps you want them to feel luxurious and glamorous.

These considerations are important because everything you do, from this point on, has to create that kind of an experience. You don’t want to confuse your audience by having them go to a really studious and rigid, but then interact with you on Instagram, where your vibe is totally chill and relaxed. And you certainly don’t want to be really super professional on a podcast and use college-level language, and then turn around on a Facebook video and be dropping f-bombs, right? That will certainly confuse a person!

You want your brand vibe to be very intentional and consistent because this is what lets your audience know what to expect from you.


It’s analogy time! 

Imagine having a party. You could have a casual intimate dinner party, you could have a wild kegger or you could have a backyard luau—all of which would create very different vibes, right? Each would create different energy. You’d expect different music, decor conversations, and even guests at each party, right? I mean, I bet you can think of someone you might invite to a professional dinner party and wine tasting that you wouldn’t dream of inviting to a wild keg party, right? That’s because the vibe is created for the tribe. You want to be sure that the vibe you’re creating is attracting the people you really want to work with.


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Your Brand Voice

Now that you’ve defined your vision, values, and vibe, let’s talk about the voice you’ll use to communicate your message and attract your dream clients to you. Your brand voice is the way you speak to your audience. This is everything from the words you use to the tone and cadence you use. This is how you communicate your message.

For example, if you are a very nurturing, loving type of a brand, you’re probably going to want to use a softer tone of voice, maybe speak in a slower cadence. If you are a high-energy, motivational type of brand, you’re probably gonna want to speak louder, faster, and in a “you can do it” kind of tone as you would if you were trying to hype up a crowd.

Like your tone and cadence, your vocabulary matters too. If you are dropping f-bombs left and right, you’re probably going to attract a different crowd than you would if you were using professional, executive-level vocabulary, right?

There is no right or wrong approach. It’s not about doing things the way they’ve always been done either. It’s about knowing who your ideal client is, speaking to them in a way that they relate to, and connecting with them in a way that is authentic to you and the vibe you want to create.


Your Brand Visuals

Finally, we have the visuals (what most people think of is branding). This is the color palette, logos, and images that represent your brand. Because I have a background in interior design, I love helping my clients with this! And because it comes so naturally and easily to me, II want to share with you some of the tips that I share with my paid clients to help you with this part, too.


Tip One – Choose a Color Palette that Matches the Vibe You Want to Create.

I cannot stress this enough. . . Color matters! There is a lot of psychology to color, it really does have an effect on people’s moods. Certain colors feel more energetic while others will evoke feelings of calm or tranquility. Some evoke trust while others speak to feelings of luxury and prestige.

Look, I could teach an entire class on color theory (in fact, this is what I did in my corporate days when I trained interior designers and architects on how to create color palettes) but that’s another topic for another day. For now, just know that if you lean into your intuition, you’ll have all the information you need. Go back to the work you did from above on creating your brand vibe. With that in mind, what colors make you feel the way you want your clients to feel when they interact with your brand? That is a good starting point. You can also check out this board on Pinterest for inspiration.


Tip 2: Choose brand fonts that compliment your brand vibe.

When you start to pay attention to the impression you get when you read various fonts, you’ll notice that some are playful, some are formal and serious and some are messy and casual—each creating a very different vibe. You’ll want to choose brand fonts that are in alignment with the perception you want people to have of your brand.


Tip 3: Choose photographs that compliment your brand vibe

Photographs can be professional photos of you or stock photos that you get from a stock photo website (like Canva or 123rf.com). Either way, you’ll want to consider your brand vibe with these, too. For instance, do you want to create a clean and simple vibe? If so, then you might use a bright filter on all of your photos. If you’re going for warm and cozy, a warm, yellow-toned filter might be your jam. Or if you’re going for high-end luxury, perhaps black and white photos speak to your vibe more accurately. And of course, if you are having professional photos taken of you, be sure to wear your brand colors to the photoshoot!

All of this is important to attracting the right clients to you and building brand consistency which is what leads to trust and sales!


Should you DIY your branding?

You totally can! Just by answering the questions I gave you above and playing around in Canva, you can do amazing things on your own. You don’t have to have it all perfect right out of the gate. It’s okay for you to evolve your brand over time (we all do!). But the more clarity you have the more success you’ll have, too. So it’s definitely worth the extra time and effort it takes to do this work!


If you need help with this. . .

We can absolutely do this together! This is something that I bundle into my work with my private clients and I would love to help you with this. If you’d like to explore what that would look like, book a free consultation with me to talk about coaching options.

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