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In the world of business, especially if you are a stakeholder (the business owner, CEO, executive, manager) a lot of responsibility falls upon your shoulders and when something goes wrong, you bear the burden of responsibility. Carrying this burden alone can weigh you down, causing you to feel as if life is more of a struggle than it actually has to be. 

Many well-intentioned professionals are so hard-working and goal-driven that they end up forgetting why they are trying to achieve their goals in the first place. Most people want to experience bliss, freedom, joy, connection, love and relaxation. And they believe that in order to achieve all of those things, they must first achieve some success milestone they’ve set for themselves. A milestone that gives them permission to finally be happy. What they’ve forgotten is that those feelings of “happiness” are available right now and all they have to do to feel all of those things, is slow down, open their crown chakra and connect to the energy of love that is always available to them. And when you’re connected, you’ll be happy, sure, but all that success you crave will come easily and effortlessly as a result. 

When you’re chakras are in balance, your powers of manifestation are turned up and everything you want in life, flows easily and naturally to you. 

The crown chakra, in particular, connects you to the energy of the divine, where all the answers are. So if you’re struggling with finding solutions to problems, or things aren’t working out for you as quickly as you’d like them to, there’s a good chance that your crown chakra is blocked or imbalanced.

Signs of an Imbalanced Crown Chakra: 

  • Skepticism—not trusting that everything will work out for you. When things are going well, you may have a fear that the bottom is going to drop at any minute and that the goodness won’t last. 
  • Resistance—feeling like no matter how hard you “try” you have to keep pushing harder. Nothing in life seems to come easily. 
  • Worry—you are anxious about what tomorrow and spend a great deal of time fearing (or thinking) about all the negative outcomes that are possible. 
  • Cynicism—you have a difficult time opening up to others. 
  • Possessiveness—whether it’s your home, food, a lover, money—You fear losing what you’ve worked so hard to gain, or worry that there won’t be enough, making you resistant to sharing or letting go. 

If you’re experiencing these things that you may be suffering from a blocked crown chakra.

When you’re chakras are in balance, your powers of manifestation are turned up and everything you want in life, flows easily and naturally to you.

Getting to Know the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the energy center located just above your head that is responsible for connecting you, as an earthly human being, in physical form, to source energy—God, the universe, the divine, spirit, consciousness, however you choose to define and refer to it, it’s that higher power that is the loving source of all that is. 

When this chakra open, and you’re openly communicating with that source energy, you have this beautiful feeling that everything is always going to work out for you. You don’t question what is, you accept it and keep moving forward without worry, fear or anxiety because you have an undeniable faith that you’re love and are being taken care of. 

I love moving through my days knowing that everything is always working out for me. It’s a peaceful feeling. But the one thing that has blown my mind since taking steps to open my crown chakra, is the “information downloads” that happen. 

Information downloads are when you are sitting quietly with your thoughts (meditating or just being present) and suddenly you get a genius idea (or surge of ideas) that just come from out of the blue. You know the thoughts aren’t yours, but they’re really good so you take off into action mode to do something with them. These thoughts are the answers you’ve been seeking to a problem or question, or perhaps the information to connect you to a life-changing opportunity. My book, Mindset Switch, was the result of “downloaded information” that came to me after a meditation session. 

If this has never happened to you, don’t dismiss it as too weird or woo-woo until it’s happened to you. Once it has, you’ll know what I mean and you’ll be a believer! (If it has happened to you, leave a comment below and share your story!) 




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Balancing your Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is one of the easiest chakras to balance, but the one that people seem to neglect the most because it requires you to get quiet and disconnect from the hustle of the world around you—engaging in meditation or prayer, walking in nature or simply sitting quietly with your thoughts—and connect to the energy that is beyond this world. 

It’s simple in theory but requires a certain amount of dedication and discipline and so many busy people give up, claiming they’re either too busy to meditate or can’t shut their mind off. 

Here are a few tips to ease you into the process of “shutting off” and opening up your crown chakra: 

  1. Try moving meditation to develop the practice of slowing down and being with your thoughts. Take a walk in nature, along the beach or riverside, or head to the woods where there is little noise and distraction. 
  2. Enjoy a quiet hobby where you are just with yourself and your thoughts—coloring, crafting, painting, gardening, woodworking, practicing your golf swing—all things that you can do alone, that allow you to go into a somewhat meditative state, which is the goal!
  3. Pray. Talk to your angels, spirit guides, Jesus, God, a relative who’s passed on, a star in the sky—whatever you’re comfortable with. The point is, again, to concentrate your thoughts and quiet your mind enough to focus and “listen” to the answers that come.
  4. Meditate. You can start with guided meditations and then try sitting alone and shutting your mind off for three minutes, then five minutes and then ten. . . working within your limits of comfort until you find what works for you.  
  5. Listen to binaural beats—a way to trick your brain into a meditative state through the use of sound frequencies. This is helpful for some people who have a difficult time slowing their mind down. 

The idea behind these little “tricks” is to eliminate the distractions of the outside world, immerse yourself in a world of simplicity and allow your mind to slow down, shut off and focus on the present moment. 

Metaphysical Practices to Balance the Crown Chakra

  1. Spend time in nature. Go out into nature and just breathe in the fresh air. Yep, it really is that simple! 
  2. Surround yourself with the color white—decorate with white in your home or wear white clothing. 
  3. Carry crystals with you that are of the highest frequency—desert rose and clear quartz are my personal favorites. 
  4. Burn scents that are of the earth—sage or palo santo, which is a pure holy scent, to clear the negative energies in your home as well as bring that pure, earthly energy back in.

Okay, that wraps up the crown chakra. You’ve got this! Find a practice that works for you and try to bring make time for it—even if it’s just a few minutes each day—and you will open up your crown chakra, feel more connected and balanced, your head will be more clear, you’ll feel more confident in your decisions moving forward, and you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter you do in life and business, you will always be supported and taken care of. 

Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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