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Manifesting isn’t something you can check off your to-do list first thing in the morning and just expect that it’s going to work. I wish it were that easy! We’d all be badasses as it if it were.

The reason manifesting doesn’t work for most people is that they aren’t able to stay aligned with the energy of manifestation all day long. They might incorporate it into their morning routine, but then, go about their day complaining about traffic, yelling at the kids, loading the sink full of dishes into the empty dishwasher because apparently everyone is allergic to it. 😉

You can’t expect to practice positivity in the morning for a few minutes then go about your day feeling shitty and expect good things to happen. Your manifestations will ALWAYS match your vibe. If you feel confident, grateful and abundant, the universe will pick up on that vibe and continue to bring you more things that make you feel that way.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

I recommend starting with my Manifestation Blueprint and then coming back here to create your personalized plan to break your negativity patterns and create new, high-vibe habits to start manifesting clients, money and success!

If you feel confident, grateful and abundant, the universe will pick up on that vibe and continue to bring you more things that make you feel that way.



Every morning you wake up with refreshed manifestation energy. This is the perfect opportunity to get focused and intentional about what you would like to call into your life! You can do this by visualizing yourself living your dream life, repeating “I am” affirmations, meditating to clear your head and connecting to your intuition to set your goals and intentions for the day. 


Stress happens and if we don’t intentionally release the negative energy that comes from it, we will carry it around with us, unknowingly letting it negatively affect our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When we’re are in a low vibe state, we cannot attract high vibe desires. Take a moment in your day (whenever you can squeeze it in) to check in with your vibe, release any negativity you’re carrying around and raise your vibe back up to a positive state. Some of my favorite ways to release are through deep breathing, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Recharging can be done by engaging in any activity that raises your vibe—having lunch with a friend, doing a few minutes of yoga, having a dance party or something as simple as taking a walk in the fresh air. 


The evening is a prime opportunity to reflect on the day. What worked? What did you learn? What can you do tomorrow to challenge yourself to grow? Take a moment to celebrate your wins and most importantly, celebrate life and all you’re grateful for! This helps you train your brain to focus on what is good and going right instead of what you haven’t yet achieved and what is “wrong” in your life. A positive focus means a high vibe which translates into  positive manifesting! 

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