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If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to attract (and covert!) more coaching clients, here’s the one things you need to know: People do business with people they trust! We’ve all been scammed or taken advantage of by someone who was more concerned about making money that actually helping us. And when we get burned, learn to be more cautious going forward. Which is why we don’t hand our cash (or credit cards) to just anyone. We want to make sure we like and trust them first‚ÄĒespecially if we’re making a considerable investment or are planning on working with this person for a long time (like with a coach) .
Coaching is a relationship, like marriage, your clients want to be sure they feel a connection before they say “yes”!¬†But unlike the dating game, your potential clients are feeling you out even before you know they exist.

Coaching is like marriage. Your clients want to be sure they feel a connection before you say “yes”.

How to Earn the Trust of Potential Clients

The best way to build trust with potential clients is in person.. When you are face to face with someone, and your’e in their energy, you get to use your sixth sense to feel out their vibe. You can let your intuition make decisions for you and you know, almost immediately, if you feel a connection with them.¬†


The BEST and FASTEST Way to Build Trust Online. . .

Okay, so we both know that traveling to all the places to meet all the people in person isn’t exactly the best strategy.¬†


So how do you build that same level of trust with strangers online in a way that is fast, effective and turns strangers into paying clients in a matter of a few weeks? Video! 

In this episode, I’m sharing how I use video in my business and how my clients use the same method to get results and start making $1000s‚ÄĒin as little as a few weeks!¬†

Download Tonya’s 3-Part Video Success Checklist!

Grab my 3-Part Video-Recording Checklist so that you know exaclty what to do (before during and after you hit record) & start recording videos that attract and convert clietns into your business with confidence and ease.

More Awesome Resources You're Gonna Love!


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Think like a Boss and Feel Like a Badass. I wrote the Mindset Switch Book to uncomplicate the Law of Attraction process and give you a step-by-step guide to leveling up your thoughts, transforming limiting beliefs and manifesting anything you want into your life, including clients and money!

Listen to the Raise Your Vibe Podcast for short, actionable episodes you can binge on the go, where it's all about confidence, mindset and developing your badassery skills so you can do business like a boss!

Every Monday, I post a new episode and free resource on the blog to help you raise your vibe, impact your tribe and make money in your business. 

Every Tuesday, you can find me on Facebook for LIVE Q+A Coaching, Training and Fun Challenges so make sure we're connected on Facebook at: https://tonyarineer.com/facebook.

Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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