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If you’re a fan of Abraham Hicks, you’re familiar with the “vortex”. This is the term they use explain the energetic “waiting room” where all of your desires are being stored, waiting for you to become an energetic match for them. If you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for awhile, this makes sense to you. if you are new to the concept. . . 

Here’s my super simple metaphor for explaining how the Law of Attraction works:

The Universe is like Amazon.com. 

When you “wish” for something, it’s equivalent to you putting something in your “shopping cart” on Amazon.com

When you believe in your wish, and you expect it to come, it’s the same as pushing the “pay now” button and placing your order. 

What happens next is the order gets put on the delivery truck and is on its way to you. 

But. . . Here’s the Kicker

Just because you placed your order, doesn’t mean it’s going to arrive nanosecond later. It takes time for the truck to get from the warehouse to your front door.

Your vibration is the fuel that powers the truck. 

When you are in high-vibe alignment, the truck moves forward toward you.

However, when you are out of alignment (caused by doubt, lack of self-belief, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, or any other low vibrational thought or feeling) the truck stops.

Manifesting is actually pretty simple: Figure out what you want, believe you can have it and stay high vibe until you get it

As you can see, manifesting is actually pretty simple: Figure out what you want, believe you can have it and stay high vibe until you get it. 

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not always. 

Why? Because you’ve been conditioned by the same limiting beliefs passed onto you by your family, friends and community. 

If they believed you have to work hard to make money, chances are you’ve been conditioned to value hard work. And chances are, when someone values hard work, they are cold toward people to whom things come easily, accusing them of being lazy, greedy, getting things handed to them on a silver platter, entitled, etc. 

In short, if you’re not manifesting at the speed you want, it’s because you’re blocking the flow of abundance into your life. 

You need to get into the flow. Abraham calls that “Getting into the Vortex”. I call it getting into alignment. 

How? By raising your vibe!  Press play on the video to learn exactly how. xo 

In this episode, we’re talking about:


  • The 4 stages of manifesting as they apply to making money in your business
  • How to identify & overcome the blocks you may experience at each stage
  • How to get into the vortex and start manifesting the business, clients and money you desire.  


I also created a really powerful👇 Money Blocks Quiz 👇 for you! It will help you identify where you’re currently blocked around money in your business along with homework to get unstuck and back into the flow of manifesting like a boss! 


I have something to support you.

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Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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