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Do you spend money on yourself? And if you do, are you pretty good at it? How does it make you feel?

Now, you know, I always love to ask, How do you feel? Because, if you’re not tuned in to how you feel all the time, you could be getting yourself into trouble. Your feelings are basically your emotional guidance system, there to help you tune into your own intuition.

Think back to all the times that you’ve ignored your intuition. What happened? Maybe it was a guy—all the red flags were there but you went for him anyway and in hindsight, said to yourself, “I should have listened to my intuition.”

Or, when about the last time you made a purchase that you regretted? Did your intuition told you that wasn’t a good idea—that shade of lipstick or shirt your intuition told you that you’d never wear—you bought it anyway and it’s still hanging in your closet with the tags on it.

This happens all the time. But now what happens when it’s the other way around? What happens when you’ve been telling yourself “no” for so long that you don’t listen to your intuition when it says, “Go for it, honey, you’re worth it! You deserve this!”

When you hold something in your hand, and you really want to buy it, and then set it down and walk away after telling yourself no. . . How does it make you feel?

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Letting Your Intuition Help you Make Buying Decisions

Seriously, pay attention to how you feel when you’re trying to make decisions on what to buy. Body language is an obvious clue to what your intuition is trying to tell you. So when you’re shopping with your BFF and she asks you, “Do you think I should buy this?” Look at her body language. If her shoulders are back, her chest is out and she’s standing up tall, her body is telling her that this is a good decision. It’s like she’s saying to herself, I deserve this. This will make me feel good and bring me joy. I’m worth this! But if she’s hunched over, and her body language is trying to say, “Oh, I don’t feel like this is a good idea. If I buy this I may regret it.” You’ll know to help her tune into her own intuition, pass on this item and keep looking

The same rules apply to making business investments. Whether you’re trying to decide whether to hire a coach, fly across the country to attend a business conference or hire your first contractor, your intuition will help you decide.

Most of the time, I’m going to tell you to dial it in and ask yourself, “Do I need this? Does this feel good? Does this make me feel lighter and joyful?”

Basically, if it makes you feel good, your intuition is telling you “YES! It’s a good idea.”


A Real Life Example of Conscious Indulgence

I have a client, Tara, who loves Starbucks but feels guilty spending $5 on a coffee when she can make it at home for much cheaper. Every time she does spend the money on herself, she ends up with buyer’s remorse because she’s telling herself the story that she doesn’t deserve it and that there are other, more important things that she “should” be doing with her money like paying off debt, saving, investing in her business, buying something for her daughter or her house, etc. And that spending money on herself for something as indulgent as a $5 coffee is frivolous.

Does that sound familiar?

We then had a conversation about how it makes her feel. She told me that indulging in a fancy coffee makes her feel decadent. My reply? If it makes you feel decadent, you owe it to yourself to buy it. You deserve that feeling. Why? Well, let’s go deeper. When you allow yourself to feel decadent, how do you feel about yourself the rest of the day? Pay attention, and I’ll bet that when you value yourself and honor your need to feel decadent, you feel more worthy and deserving of other forms of abundance, too—like new clients who want to pay you for your amazing work. When you honor and cherish your need to feel good, you build confidence in your value and that shows up in every area of your life.

Try it!


Spoiling Yourself Helps You Create an, “I’m Worth it!” Mindset

By doing little things for yourself, you’re showing yourself that you are deserving. Whereas if you spend money only on the people around you and the people that you love, you are telling yourself that they’re deserving. But you’re not. Is that what you want? Don’t you want to feel like you deserve to enjoy the money you’re working so hard to earn.

Even if you have to start small and take baby steps, do that. Give yourself an abundance allowance every week, even if it’s just $5, it’s a start! Here’s the thing though, that money has to be spent on something indulgent that makes you feel good! No paying off debt or saving it for a rainy day or carrying it over to next week.

The reason is that you want to create a habit of pampering yourself to rewrite the beliefs around what you deserve. The more you “give” to yourself, the stronger that belief that you are worthy and deserving will become.

If you need extra help in this area, check out Money Vibes Bootcamp! It’s an 8-week course I created to help you totally rewire your money mindset and manifest the wealth and abundance you deserve!

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