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If you have a strong drive and desire to help people, and you have enough experience, expertise and naturally honed coaching skills, you don’t need a coaching certification to get started! Actually, waiting until you go through a certification program may actually just be a hurdle standing in the way of you sharing what you know and helping the people who need you now! 

Life coaching is not currently a regulated industry, which means, anyone can call themselves a life coach and you don’t need a certificate to do so. 

Some people feel that in order to be seen as legit or to be taken seriously, you should have a certification. And really, that’s just a mindset that is one of those internal limiting beliefs that stops you from taking action.

That certification is just a piece of paper. A document that proves you have the knowledge, but it doesn’t make you a good coach. Do you know what makes you a good coach? Coaching! Actual hands-on experience is what makes you good at your job, not the piece of paper you file away in a cabinet or hang on your wall. Nobody really cares about that but you. 

It’s kind of like having a high school diploma or college degree—has anyone ever asked you to see it? Probably not. Is it good to have? Sure. Is it necessary? Not at all. 

Now, I have to add in my little disclaimer and tell you that I don’t believe that you should pretend to be good at something that you’re not. If you do not have coaching skills, experience or expertise that qualify you to help people, then, going through a certification program is a great idea, as it will teach you the skill sets and give you the experience you need to perform well as a coach. 

Getting coaching certification is really all about gaining the skills and the confidence. If you already feel like you have those, go ahead and can skip the certification process and skip ahead to the part where you start building your coaching business.

If you’re not sure if you have what it takes to be a life coach, I’ve got an episode to help you with that where we dig into the mindset of believing you’re ready. 

If you have made the decision to skip certification, because you’re like, “Well, I’ve been doing this stuff for a little while. I’ve got the skills, I’ve got the experience, I’m already building expertise, alright, I’m ready to do this thing.” Alright, let’s continue.

STEP ONE: Get in the right mindset for success. 

Decide that this is your path and that you won’t fail. This is all about the internal work, the mindset, the self-belief and the commitment to doing this work. Building a business ain’t easy, becoming a life coach isn’t easy and marketing your self online isn’t easy. But if you’re determined to be successful, you will be! 

So, I want you to decide right now that you are committed because you want to change the world. I want you to decide that you’re going to do this because you have a gift to share. Decide that you are going to weather the storm. Decide that there is no plan B for you and that you will succeed no matter what. 

I want you to create some affirmations around this: I will be a badass life coach. I am going to be successful. I do have what it takes to help people. I am qualified to do this work.

And continue to use those every single day to build your confidence, because more than anything in the world, this business requires you to have badass confidence. So, that’s step number one; decide and work on that confidence.

STEP TWO: Legitimize Your Business. 

This is the part where you actually build your business. I talk about the steps to do this here:  

 This business is all about helping people, but it’s also about making money. So, you’ve got to be positioned in a way that you are able to do both.

STEP THREE: Share and Tell. 

Share what you know. Share it with the world, share it with anybody who will listen.Share your knowledge, share your best tips, share your story. 

Tell everybody that will listen about what you do, who you help, and how you do it. 

Put  yourself out there. Let the world know that you are ready to serve, and that you have something of value. 

The people of the world are not going to be able to hire you if you’re hiding. They’re not going to find you if you’re sitting on your couch. You’ve got to get out there and tell people that you have something for sale! 

STEP FOUR: Start Coaching. 

Becoming a life coach isn’t just about building the business, it’s about actually doing the work, which means coaching people. 

When you share your wisdom and tell people all about what you do, they’re going to get curious and they’re going to ask you to help them! So help them! Every person you work with—including all the people you’ve coached for free—give you experience which builds confidence and credibility. 

When you help people get badass results, they are going to be so excited about their transformation that they’re going to tell the people they know about you. And the people they tell are going to call you up asking you to help them, too! And viola! You’ve got yourself a coaching business!! 

Now, because you’re also building your business online, I suggest asking each of your clients—whether they’ve paid for your help or not—for feedback. You can use the feedback they give you in 2 powerful ways: to improve your services and skills and as a testimonial that you can post on your website or social media accounts to show other people what it’s like to work with you. 

STEP SIX: Repeat steps three to five. 

Once you’ve built your business by doing steps one and two, your only job will be to keep sharing your stories, telling people what you do, coaching people and asking for feedback. Rinse and repeat. 

Keep improving yourself and sharing with all your heart and your business will organically grow itself! 


If you are ready for a step-by-step approach to building a badass business, you want systems, and a coach that’s going to hold you accountable and help you to shortcut the learning curve, I would love to help you do that! Check out LifeCoachMBA to learn more and get started!

And if you have any questions at all about anything that we talked about in this episode or anything else for that matter, please leave a comment below or reach out to me personally on social. I’m @tonyarineer everywhere! 😉

I have something to support you.

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