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As a coach, you have a big bleeding heart and you want to help everyone. I know that because I’m just like you! And while that’s a beautiful gesture, it’s damn near impossible (there are a lot of people on the planet and there is no way humanly possible you can help each and every one of them). But more importantly, you will make a much bigger impact when you stick to what you’re amazing at. Not to mention, when you know exactly what you’re looking for in a client, they are much easier to attract. And by getting specific, you are guaranteeing that you’ll always love your clients and your work!

Would you go to a restaurant and tell the waitress to bring you whatever she wanted? I doubt it. But if you haven’t defined your ideal coaching client yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing with your business.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should.

It’s like you’re saying to the Universe, “Bring me anyone who’ll pay me. I’ll take anyone. I’m desperate!” (Not the vibe you want to be putting out there!) 

Or maybe you’re sending the vibe of, “I just want to help everyone!” Which is a testament to how much you care about people. But the message your clients are receiving is that you care more about quantity than quality. Think about it, would you rather work with a coach who does a little of everything and is willing to take on every client with a pulse and a credit card or a coach who only takes on clients they know, with certainly, they can help create massive results for? 

Coaching is a relationship, much like dating or marriage, you’re going to be spending time with the people you serve so you want to love them, right? And you want to make sure that you can help them reach their goals because on the one hand, it feels better to be helpful than not, and on the other hand, you want them to be so excited about their results with you that they become your biggest fans and tell everyone about you! 

So how do you create relationships like that? You get super specific about what you want in an ideal client and you build your business strategically around who you’re wanting to attract. Which means you’ll use your ideal client avatar (or profile) to:


  • Filter all of your business decisions
  • Decide whether you’ll say yes or no to taking on a new client
  • Crafting your brand and marketing strategy
  • Create every piece of content you put out—on your website and social media. 
  • Attract client you love to work with and who love to pay you for the services you provide. 

I’ve created a 10-page workbook for you to help you nail this part of your business strategy (download it in the green box below 👇) and then watch the video and we’ll go through the first part of the workbook together. 

Click the Button Below to Download Tonya’s 10-Page “Ideal Client Profile” Workbook

How do you know who your ideal client is? 

It’s actually easier than you think. It’s your business, your dream. Which means, you get to design it any way you want! 

Answer these simple questions: 

  • What don’t you want? 
  • What do you want? 


What don’t you want


Think about all the experiences you’ve had with clients in the past. Or, if you haven’t worked with clients yet, consider the experiences you’ve had “coaching” friends and family members. 

Remember. . . just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. 

For example, You might be really good at helping people solve marital problems, but if that type of work energetically drains you, then couples coaching definitely isn’t your jam! 

There are certainly people, problems and situations that are energetic buzz kills, what are they? What drags you down? What feels like an obligation? What would you rather not do if you don’t have to? 

In this week’s download, I’ve included a fun exercise (with examples) that will help you get super clear on all the things you do (and don’t) want to attract in your business. 😉


What do you want?


Think about all the people you love working with and the problems you love solving. If you’ve already done the niching down exercise from last week, this is going to come really easily! 

Imagine yourself working with your ideal client, everyday. What excited you? What does your relationship feel like? Where are they at in their journey? What part of their journey do you relate to? What do they know already? What don’t they know yet? What goals and transformations are you helping them achieve? 

It’s important that your personalities jive and that you love spending time with your clients. That you have things in common and share similar values. When you love what you do and who you serve, work never really feels like work. 

The final “test”

If a potential client seems like an ideal fit for my services, I do one last “test” before taking them on as a paying client: I imagine myself vacationing with them. If I get excited about the idea of spending a few weeks on the beach with them, I know that I’m going to love helping them grow their business! Coaching is a relationship—you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your clients so it’s important that you not only look forward to that time together, but also that you leave each session know that you were impactful—something you can be sure is the case when you get super clear about who you say “yes” to in the first place. 

If you’re. . . 

  • Not making the money you want in your business yet
  • Taking on anyone who wants to pay you
  • Struggling to attract clients you love 
  • Saying yes to practically everyone who needs your help
  • Not sure who your ideal client is or what you’re unique marketing message is


Download this week’s free resource (in the green box above 👆) and do the exercise inside to discover who your ideal client is so you can start marketing in a way that attracts people to you that you love and who are excited to pay for the kickass coaching you provide! 

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Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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