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Just because the economy may be in a recession, doesn’t mean that you have to stop manifesting! The idea that you can’t experience abundance during times like this is rooted in a mindset of scarcity, lack, fear and sometimes guilt.  

The truth is, those beliefs and fears are all lies that humans made up. Think about it: Mother Nature doesn’t stop producing because the stock market is freaking out, does she? Animals don’t stop doing their thing because there is a virus traveling around the world. And the Universe doesn’t stop performing miracles and answering the calls of desire just because the humans are freaking out. 

When it comes to money, there isn’t any less than there was a year ago. It may not be moving as fast from one person to the next, but it’s not gone! Fear is what stops the flow. Fear that there won’t be enough or that the supply won’t be replenished.  

But when you ditch those fears and replace them with love and faith, the energy starts to move again and the money will once again start flowing in. 


The only reason your desires aren’t manifesting is because your current thought patterns are blocking you from recognizing opportunities and taking action. 


The only reason your desires aren’t manifesting is because your current thought patterns are blocking you from recognizing opportunities and taking action. 

Let me explain:

If you don’t believe that people will hire you right now because, “Nobody is spending money on coaching” then you’re probably not going to promote because you have already convinced yourself it would be a waste of time. 

Or if you believe that everyone is struggling right now, then you might be tempted to lower your rates just to survive, causing you to have to work harder to make ends meet, which results in overwhelm, stress, burnout and maybe even anger toward this situation and/or a feeling of hopelessness and despair that you’ll ever be as successful as you were hoping. 

Whew! Back the train up, girlfriend. Before you do something you may live to regret, you need to chickity check yo self before you wreck yo self. Know what I’m sayin’? 

Manifesting isn’t just about sitting on a meditation pillow and “Om-ing” your way to success.

Manifesting is about getting clear about what you want, believing that YOU are capable of achieving it and then taking inspired action to get the manifestation momentum going.

(Check out the episode I recorded for you on that explains the Manifestation Blueprint in detail and why each of these steps is so important.)

So if you find that you’re blocked by thoughts of doubt, desperation, worry, fear or despair, watch this video, download the workbook and breakthrough those limiting beliefs NOW! It’s not serving you to hold onto these beliefs. They are all a bunch of B.S. anyway. 

You absolutely can create abundance in your business right now!

It may mean a small shift in the way you’re thinking or showing up, but isn’t that what entrepreneurship is about anyway? Thinking creatively and constantly challenging yourself to grow? This is no different.

This isn’t a setback. It’s an opportunity for you to rise up, channel your inner badassery and show the world (and yourself) what you’re made of. 

You’ve got this, girl. And I’ve got your back! Let’s do this thing! 


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Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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