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Money mindset isn’t just about your relationship with money. Its roots go deeper than that. To have a healthy money mindset, you must first have a healthy relationship with yourself. You must believe that you are worthy and deserving of receiving money for the gifts you bring to the world.

Money is a tool that lets us say thank you for providing us with something we needed or wanted. It’s a gift that’s meant to be shared. 

In this video, we’re going to talk about your value and the way you show up and serve because I want you to know, more than anything, that your work is valuable and that you’re worthy of massive compensation for the gifts you bring into the world and the way that you change your clients lives. 

Money is energy. It’s a tool that lets us say thank you for providing us with something we needed or wanted. It’s a gift that’s meant to be shared. 



In this video, I’m going to ask you to do some journaling, so make sure you’ve got that handy. Oh, and I encourage you to write down these questions and give yourself some time to think about your answers.

Or, keep this journal page near your desk, in your car or on your nightstand, and as additional thoughts come up for you, add them to your answers. The more you can “bulk up” your answers, the more deeply you’ll begin to believe in your value and the easier it will be to charge for your services and feel good about accepting money for them.


Question 1: Who is your ideal client?

Not everyone in the world needs or wants the services that you offer. The people who need and want to work with you are going to value your work WAY more than someone who doesn’t. Yet, so many entrepreneurs cast their net so broadly, that they “catch” people who don’t value what they do and aren’t willing to invest in their services. And do you know what happens? These entrepreneurs falsely let it mean that their prices are too high or that they aren’t good enough to deserve the money they’d like to earn. That’s so not true!! It’s not that they’re not good enough, it’s that they have been focusing on—and getting feedback from—the wrong people.

Getting crystal clear on who you want to serve (hint: it’s the one’s who need, want and value you) will help you to focus on them, the value you can provide and back it up with confidence by answering the next two questions. 

Question 2: How do you change your clients life?

There is a reason people hire you that goes beyond the tangible results you help them achieve. You create an experience that they cannot get anywhere else. You help them to reduce pain (save time, money, stress, lose weight, avoid getting fired, fix a broken marriage) or increase pleasure (feel more confident, sexy, successful, get the job, finish the marathon, ask for the raise) in some way. What are the intangible feelings and wins that they get by working with you? 


Question 3: Why would someone want to pay for your services? 

Why are the tangible results and intangible feelings worth paying for? What would their life be like if they didn’t hire you? If they just went on like they have been? What can you help them do that they can’t do on their own? What about the way you help them creates a unique experience that they can’t get anywhere else? This is what makes you valuable and worthy investing in!  

 Watch the video for a more detailed explanation and examples. And then, dedicate a page in your journal to answering each question. The more clarity you have around these answers the more you’ll start to believe in yourself, your value and why what you bring to the table is worthy and deserving of massive compensation.  (Need a visual reminder? Pin the image above to your Pinterest Board or print it out and put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday!). 

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