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The only thing that is going to stop you from receiving money for the work you bring into the world is your own inability to take action.

It’s time for you to decide that you are that woman you discovered in part one and that you really are worthy and deserving of massive compensation for all the reasons you outlined in part two. 

Manifestation is always working. The question is: Are you focused enough to make it work in your favor?

Taking action is about aligning with the money and abundance you want to attract. And that’s what we’re covering in this video.  

What does investing in yourself have to do with receiving money?

If you don’t feel worthy of wealth (i.e. you’re buying second hand clothes, skimping out on your business or telling yourself that you can’t invest/ spend/ upgrade until the stars align or you win the lottery) what’s that doing to your mindset and your vibe? Those behaviors are outward actions that reflect an internal belief that the money is going to run out. . . that nobody is going to pay you. . . that you aren’t worthy enough, good enough or deserving enough to get paid for what you do. . . that you’re not going to be successful in your business. 

And when you are believe this, you feel like shit. You’re scared, worried, anxious and maybe even a little depressed, because as you look into the future, it looks scary! 


It’s time to stop settling for less than you deserve. 

Or, you can decide right now that you’re amazing at what you do, that your work is worthy of massive compensation and that there are hundreds of people out there, right now, who need you.  

You can start acting in alignment with the truth—the money will always be there and you will always be supported. The clients will always be there. You will always be successful. You deserve nice things. You deserve to feel abundant, luxurious, pampered, sexy, equipped and happy. 

So I ask you. . . what is ONE thing you can do, right now (or in the next few days) to upgrade your life and invest in something that is going to bring you confidence, clarity or joy? 

The moment you decide that you’re worthy is the moment you stop settling for less than you deserve. And when you make that shift, your vibe elevates and you’ll start attracting things to you that match the frequency you just elevated yourself to—including people who value you as much as you do! 

I have something to support you.

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Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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