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This is an INTERACTIVE 3-Part training series to help you shift your money mindset. In traditional Tonya style, I’m going to be giving you some homework at the end of each lesson because mindset work is not a spectator sport. You don’t learn by listening to words. You learn by internalizing what you learn and applying the concepts to your real life experiences. 

As we go through this 3-part training series together, I’m going to be giving you some homework. So before you press play, make sure that you’ve got a notebook to take notes. 

Also, you can binge them all at once if you want to. BUT (and I mean this!!!) DO NOT SKIP THE HOMEWORK!! 

Mindset work is not a spectator sport. You don’t learn by listening to words. You learn by internalizing what you learn and applying the concepts to your real life experiences. 

Pressing play and not doing the work is going to teach you something for sure. But if you really want to create change in your life, you’ve got to actually do the work!!! Ok, that was my tough love pep talk. 😀 Now, let’s get to work! 

Step 1: Get future focused.


In the video, I guided you through a short meditation to visualize your future self as the woman you desire to become, picturing your ideal life, business, impact—all of it.

Then, take a few minutes to journal what you visualized, right down to the thoughts, feelings and ah-ha’s that you took away from the meditaiton.


Step 2: Use what you wrote down to create personalized affirmations. 


Once you’ve completed your journaling, pick and choose the most imporant aspects of what you wrote down. What did you feel that was especially important to you? What parts of your future self do you want to start stepping into and becoming now? Turn those desires into “I AM” affirmations and repeat them to yourself, everyday!  The more you say them (out loud) the more real they will start to feel. Yes, they’ll probably feel awkward or like total B.S. at first, but keep at it. That awkwardness will go away and what will replace it will be total belief in yourself! 

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