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Proving yourself is absolutely 100%, not a requirement.

If you are currently in a place where you’re thinking that you have to:

  • Work for free before you can put yourself out there as an expert
  • Get a list of powerful testimonials before you can start to charge what you’re skills and services are worth
  • Get a fancy degree or certification to prove that you’re qualified
  • Get your work published before people will take you seriously



You’re just lying to yourself! What’s really happening is that you’re afraid. Of what? Only you know. But in my experience working with business owners, most are afraid of failure, judgment, or letting others down. If that’s hitting home, I get it because I’ve been there.

We tell ourselves that if we just do this thing (Insert BS story here) that we’ll feel more ready, more confident, more qualified. . . and that others will take us more seriously. But the truth is. . . the only requirement to being successful is that you believe in yourself!

Nobody cares about your fancy degree, how many times you’ve been published, how many classes you’ve taken, or how many certificates you have. Yes, those things all look good on a web page and they feel cool to post on social media. But that is not why people hire you.

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People hire you because they believe in the services that you can provide them. They believe that you have what it takes to help them with a problem. They believe that you have the skills, the abilities, and the knowledge that they lack. And the only way you’re going to be able to sell your services is if you believe that too because confidence is what sells.

Because you’re a genuine person and not some narcissistic, egocentric sociopath, I know that you’re not going to go off and get all confident selling services that you don’t believe in.

So the moral of the story is this:

You have to believe in what’s true about your greatness!


We sometimes grow up with these hand-me-down beliefs that come from parents or teachers or society that tell us that we have to work hard, and diligently prove ourselves, in order to earn anything. We grow up in school, where we are being graded by teachers who are tasked with determining our aptitude—our ability to move forward— and who get to decide if we are “enough”.

We get programmed from a very young age that somebody else is the one who decides how quickly we move forward or whether we do at all. And so we start learning to seek approval from outside of ourselves and looking to others to tell us whether we are good enough or not.

This external validation-seeking then becomes a pattern that we take with us through life and especially into business. I’m not saying that the perceptions of the people we serve don’t matter—of course, they do! But not all of them matter.

In school, I’m sure you had teachers that didn’t “get” you, right? Maybe you poured your heart and soul into an essay that meant a lot to you and got a bad grade because the teacher didn’t agree with you or like the subject you wrote about. Does that mean your paper sucked? Of course not. It just meant that you weren’t aligned, that’s all.

Not every client—or friend or family member for that matter—is going to align with you, either. So what I am saying is, be choosy about whose opinions you take on as fact.

There are going to be some who don’t understand your creative gifts, who don’t value your expertise or “get” what you do for a living so naturally, they’re not going to see it the same way you do. And because of that reason alone, they’re not your people.

I want you to kind of rethink the way you’re going about business and stop letting the wrong people have jurisdiction over your mindset. Pay attention to who you’re giving that power to.

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Maybe get a coach or a mentor who believes in you, and who can help you hone the skills you have and get really clear on what makes you shine so that you can focus on growing your business in that area.

Maybe look to your spouse, significant other a best friend, a sister or brother, or somebody who knows you, supports you and empowers you because those are the people who are going to help you stop focusing on the judgment and stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough or qualified enough. They’re going to stop you from comparing yourself to others and letting yourself believe that you’re not good enough or qualified enough to help people right now.

Sure, you might not have the same qualifications or experiences as the next person, but you have your own set—and that’s a good thing!

That’s what makes you unique.

That’s what makes you desirable.

And that’s what makes you somebody that your ideal person is going to want to work with.

So I want you to stop being so hard on yourself and pull people in your corner that are going to support you and help you recognize when you are being hard on yourself and help you remember this truth:

You don’t have to know be the guru who knows everything. You don’t have to have all the answers. You only have to be a little bit ahead of the people who you serve—you have to have a little bit more knowledge, a little bit more skills, a little bit more experience, in order to help them get from where they are to where you are now. That’s all it takes to be helpful. That’s all it takes to be the exact person someone needs right now.

You don’t need a ton of credentials. People don’t buy credentials, they buy confidence. If you can be confident in your abilities to be helpful, can communicate that, and you’re going to show up with integrity and deliver on the promised you make. . . you have everything you need right now to offer your valuable services in exchange for a fee.

You absolutely do not need to prove yourself to anyone else. You just need to prove yourself to YOURSELF, which means get out there and help somebody who needs you. And then, do it, again and again, you feel confident selling and delivering the value you are promising to create.

That’s all it takes to build a value-based service-centric business that you can be really, really proud of.


If you’d like to learn more about working together and how I can be that coach to help you hone your skills, and get out there and start changing the world, click here to learn more about my services.



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