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Is a blocked root chakra the reason your business is stagnant? Maybe. Here are a few signs your root chakra is out of balance and some easy ways to get it back into balance so that you can start seeing the success you want in your business.

Signs of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

  • Feeling Stuck – you’re feeling stagnant in your business. You’re not making progress as quickly as you’d like to or you’re not sure which step to take next. 
  • Easily angered. You seem to have a short fuse lately—especially with those who you are closest to or work most closely with. 
  • Excessive Anxiety or Worry – You are plagued with worrisome thoughts of what might happen if. . . you lose a client, don’t hit your revenue goals, fail, let your client down, get an unexpected bill, etc. 
  • You’re experiencing aches and pains in your legs, feet or lower back or having issues with your colon or lower intestines. 

Getting to Know the Root Chakra

The root chakra is a ball of energy at the base of your spine. The primary function of this chakra is to process the information from the world around you, ensuring that you are meeting your needs for safety, security, and survival. 

Another aspect of feeling safe and secure is your fundamental need for human connection so your relationship to the people closest to you has a major effect on your root chakra, so it is very important that you feel supported and loved by the people in your inner circle—your closest friends and family.

Clarity takes the “guesswork” out of decision making and gives you direction, purpose and confidence.

The third aspect of the root chakra that we must consider is money. We live in a world where money buys security (it pays the bills!) so in order to feel secure we need to be certain that we have enough money coming in to meet our fundamental basic needs. 

How Your Root Chakra Affects Your Business

If any of these three aspects leaves you feeling uncertain—if you don’t know what tomorrow looks like, if you don’t feel loved and supported or if you don’t feel confident that you have enough money to maintain your lifestyle—it’s likely that your business is being affected. Why? Because your business is an extension of you! 

When you feel confident in where you’re going and how you’re getting there, you are more likely to make decisions that align with your goals and have a positive effect on your business. Clarity takes the “guesswork” out of decision making and gives you direction, purpose and confidence. 

When you feel supported by the people you love and trust, you’re more likely to take small risks and step outside of your comfort zone—which is an essential part of staying current in the ever-changing business world we live in. 

And when you’re financially secure, it’s easier to make decisions that are rooted in purpose and aligned with your values and vision rather than motivated by desperation (i.e. you’ll say yes to opportunities that are a good fit and you’ll say no to clients and opportunities that are not—rather than saying “yes” just for the paycheck). 

Balancing the Root Chakra

There are both practical steps you can take to balance the root chakra, as well as a few metaphysical practices you can try. Let’s start with the practical steps. 

  1. Create a strategic action plan. Sit down and write out your goals for the year, breaking them down into achievable milestones and tasks that you can get started on right away. This will give you a clear sense of direction, prioritize tasks and eliminate overwhelm. 
  2. Spend more time with the people who truly care about you. Practice being authentic and vulnerable with the people you’re closest to and ask for support when you need it. When you act like everything is okay (even when it’s not) it can feel as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders all alone and no body cares about you. But really, they just don’t know you are in need of support. When you open up to others and give them the chance to support you, they will. And you’ll start to feel more supported, loved and cared for than ever. 
  3. If money is a source of anxiety for you, take the time to education yourself and create a financial plan that will ease the stress and give you the sense of security you need. This may involve developing a budget, paying off debt, reducing expenses, increasing marketing efforts or creating multiple revenue streams, hiring a team, selling assets, etc. Once you’ve developed your financial plan, start taking action to move yourself toward your goals. The act of making progress will give you a sense of accomplishment and help to ease the anxiety by putting you back in control and giving you a sense of security in knowing you’re on track to make your financial dreams a reality. 

Metaphysical Practices to Balance the Root Chakra

Your overall energy, or vibe, is important to ensuring your chakras stay in balance. To ensure that you’re energy is positive and your vibe is high, try these simple and fun tips: 

  1. Incorporate more of the color red into your life—wear red clothes, decorate with the color red in your home or office, eat red fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Carry grounding crystals with you—black tourmaline, Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Labradorite, Garnet, Ruby, Carnelian, Red Jasper and bloodstone are all very grounding and stabilizing stones to help you balance the energy in your root chakra. 
  3. Burn candles or incense in earthy scents like cedar wood, cloves, patchouli, musk, hyacinth or sandalwood. 
  4. Spend time in nature. The root chakra is the closest of your chakras to the earth and is the most physical of the chakras. Walk barefoot, sit on the grass, go for a quiet walk in nature to hear the sounds and breathe in the smells that will reconnect with nature and re-sync your energy to the earth. 
  5. Meditate. All forms of meditation are great but next time you meditate, try visualizing a clear, vibrant red light (like a protective bubble of energy) surrounding your body. Or, you can imagine that light as an energy sphere, the size of a grapefruit, at the base of your spine, swirling slowly and gracefully, calming and centering you. 




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Next Steps

These small but powerful practices don’t seem like much, but they are important to maintaining the high vibe and security that will enable you to make healthy decisions that will keep you moving progress toward success and prosperity in your business. Incorporate one or two of these practices into your life over the next 30 days and then re-evaluate to see how you’re doing. If it’s working, keep it up! If you could use a little more chakra love, or feel another chakra may also be blocked, click here to find out which one to work on next!

Love you to pieces,

Tonya Rineer xo

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