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Have you ever tried saying an affirmation and felt your whole body scream. . .”that’s a bunch of BS, that’s not even a little bit true!!!”

Like when you say “I am abundant” when you have zero money in your bank account, or when you say “I am attracting clients who value what I do, want to hire me” when you don’t have any clients to speak of. 

It’s usually when we’re feeling down in the dumps when we turn to affirmations to make ourselves feel more confident and powerful. But, when all that negative talk in your head is loud, it’s hard to believe the nice things you say about yourself, which is why affirmations sometimes don’t work the way you want them to.


Here’s how to use affirmations so that they work, ANYTIME you use them:

Braffirmation—my silly made up word for affirmations with a little support built in (like a bra).

I call it a Braffirmation—my silly made up word for affirmations with a little support built in (like a bra).

Here’s how it works:

Next time you say an affirmation (which is simply a statement that you want to believe is true), follow it up with supporting evidence proves that it is already true, at least a little bit.

See how that works? It’s all about looking for the proof that backs up the belief you’re trying to strengthen. The more proof you come up with, the stronger your belief will become.




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