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Goal setting is an important part of business planning. And it’s the goals you set that help you decide which actions to take and decisions to make. Ideally, every time you say “yes” to something in your business it should be because that something is moving you closer to your goal.

But there’s more to business goals than success, money and milestones that make you look cool. You are building this business because you want a certain kind of lifestyle—freedom, a flexible schedule, the ability to travel, relax and enjoy life. You want to work with people you love and love the work you do.

Every time you say “yes” to something in your business it should be because that something is moving you closer to your goal.

Which means, when you set your business goals, it’s important to see how they align with your life goals, too.

Let’s first talk about alignment

What does that even mean? Alignment is that feeling of flow. and ease that happens when you’re doing things for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. It’s like the universe’s way of saying that you’re on the right path for you. And since everyone’s path is unique, the only way to align with yours is to ask yourself some honest questions about what you really want and why.

Letting go of the ego

Goal setting is one of your ego’s favorite activities. Not kidding. If you let your ego run the show, you’re going to set goals for all the wrong reasons. The ego wants to be “the best” and it will push you to keep going to have more, be more, do more forever and ever. To the ego, there is no such thing as “enough”.

When you let your higher self get in on the goal-setting action, however, she can tell help you decide on a goal that feels good, lets you live the lifestyle you want without getting sucked into the whole “keeping up with the joneses” rat race.

Don’t settle for small goals

Now, I’m not saying you should settle for small goals, either. I believe in going big! But I also believe that what constitutes “big” is different for everyone. Determine what that is for you and then set your business goals accordingly.

Setting aligned goals for your business

As a coach, there are probably a few goals that are on your vision board. In the online space, it’s typical to want to make lots of money, book yourself solid with private coaching clients, create a digital course, launch a group program, write a book, etc. Those are all great goals, as long as you really want them and they align with the kind of life you want to create for yourself.

I mean, if creating a digital course is going to put you behind the computer all day long when what you really want is to be teaching in-person workshops, it doesn’t align.

Or if hitting $1M in revenue this year means hiring a team that you really don’t want to manage (and investing $500k in salaries and FB ads) is that what you want? Or would you rather square up at half a million in revenue and love the work you do everyday?

These are serious and legit questions you have to ask yourself. They’re not easy to answer because they will conquer up those old stories that society tells us that in order to be perceived as successful, our life and business must look a certain kind of way.

So I’m asking you to throw out those old stories, shut out the voices of the world and tune into who what YOU want. And make this year about setting goals that help you create it!

Want a little more help in this department?

Download the playbook below to get super clear on what you want to create in your business so you can get into action mode and make this your best year ever! ⬇️




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