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We all want to feel loved, supported and appreciated. But, the catch, is that we can only allow ourselves to receive as much love and support as we feel we deserve. 

It’s like our belief determines the size of the container. If we believe we deserve unlimited love and support, the container is infinite and will allow us to receive the energy of love from others. If, however, we believe we must “earn” love, our container will be small and we’ll only allow in what we’ve worked hard to earn. 

The secret to limitless joy, love and support is to learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself first, you expand the container and open up the floodgates to let opportunities for love and support into your life. 


You start by recognizing all the ways you are deserving of love and support and always have been—your entire life. By recognizing and having gratitude for the love and support that has always been available to you. 

At times, this can be difficult, which is why I recorded this meditation for you. It’s going to help you shift into the habit of opening and receiving so that you may expand your container and begin to fill it with the love, support, and abundance you deserve. 

Listen to this regularly, until you’ve opened up the channels for receiving. Then, come back to it anytime you need to unblock your receiving channels and “refill” your container with love and support. 💕

I have something to support you.

Free Resource

Mindset Workbook for Badass Confidence as a Coach

There is no room for self-doubt when it comes to coaching. When you feel start to notice the negative self-talk start up, you’ve got to have the tools in place to kick it to the curb—fast! 

You’ve got people to help and a business to build. And you need to your vibe to be a level 10 to make it happen. This workbook will get you there! 

Light & Love,

Tonya Rineer

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